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Slot Car Racing Game

This racing game is developed in ShenZhen and deployed in Hong Kong. The game can be played by 1-4 players. Each player ride on a gymnastics bicycle facing to a track model. The bicycle record the paddling speed and send it to a central control system. The system convert the data to drive 4 different slot cars. The track has camera detecting the approximate position of all slot cars and feedback to the central control system. The system then adjust the drive signal accordingly.

The development of the system has proven to be very difficult. The reliability of signal is low and tones of things could go wrong. The performance of each slot car differ significantly. The track is rough and the quality of individual component has found to be problematic. To make the whole system work is the art of the bodge.

Four hidden cameras are added to the racing track to form a visual sub-system to track down slot car position. The slot car is moving quite fast so the camera has to be running at higher frame per second. The size of the camera and the high frame rate means the image quality is restricted.

Final testing before open to public, the two screens behind are to show real time racing data and final result for the audience. Each Bicycle has a small screen showing instructions.

Date : Summer to Winter, 2022.

Location: ShenZhen and Hong Kong

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