Design, Product Prototyping

Tea Machine

This is a product design and prototyping project for a startup company. The core of the tea machine we designed include a removable water tank connected to a pump, a high power instant heating module, a temperature sensor at the end of the water muzzle provide a feedback loop to the control, a tea leaf container with a valve and a removable flask for tea.


The utility of the machine include a QR code scanner, a RFID sensor and a WIFI module. This should allow the machine to take ALL tea capsule available at that time in the market while future tea capsule can be supported via software update, as long as the capsule has some recognizable bar code/ QR code on it. At the same time, the open top design of the tea leaf container allow the use of loose tea leaf. WIFI connection allow the machine to be controlled by smart phone app which is connected to tea leaf marketplace.

The first prototype

The exterior design take a strong reference to hourglass. The small size of the machine allow it to be easily fitted in modern kitchen.

Date : Nov, 2018

Location : Greater bay area, China

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