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Piezo Matrix

This project consist of a matrix of piezo sensor placed behind an interactive painting. The system is to detect incoming shock and calculate where the shock is coming from. It act as a mini quake map. All hardware and software is designed and being implemented within a month.

“It works, it is robust, reliable and easy to implement on site. but it is a nightmare to disassemble making reusing almost impossible”

one of our technician said after installing the matrix

Piezo sensors are built into a modular units and eight units form a small matrix, several matrix is then controlled by a micro-controller. The system can be scaled up infinitely by adding new micro-controller and new sensor matrix. Above picture shows the forty units to be assembled and controlled by a single micro-controller.

The sensors are calibrated to be extremely sensitive to give the system best performance while multiple sensor value is validated with each other to eliminate false positive such as wind and unwanted voice.

Date : June, 2014

Location : Hong Kong

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